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HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT!!!.........We are pleased and excited to announce that our cars, the "Thriller and Rocket Ship" have been named the "Official Tram Cars" for the 2007 Grand Prix of Cleveland coming to Burke Lakefront Airport June 22,23, & 24.  Come and join us at the races that weekend!!!
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Events, whether produced for a private function, or a large public viewing can be quite stressful to say the least.  We at L.E.A.R. Promotions Inc. recognize this and do our best to eliminate the stress for you.  Our "Can Do" attitude, along with our professional approach to your particular event is sure to place you at ease.  It is important to keep an open mind, and to set a budget that you can live within. Weber's 1st Anniversary celebration presented by LEAR Promotions Inc. You will be surprised at what can be accomplished with just a small amount of money, and a large amount of ingenuity!  Do not hesitate to ask us any questions involving the process of creating your unique theme or venue.  Here at L.E.A.R. Promotions Inc. we are continually working on new and exciting projects.  Our most recent project was the finding of the third Rocket Ship from Euclid Beach Park.  Here is a brief story on how we acquired this ride car.  For the complete story visit our sister web site at: www.theeuclidbeachboys.com.

As our collection grew and more people wanted to rent, or have us theme their events, our name became synonymous with Euclid Beach Park.  I was contacted by a customer of mine from the towing company we used to own.  His name was Mike.  He knew we collected ride cars from the old park.  Owning the towing company afforded us the opportunity to do this, as we had the proper equipment to recover and transport these large and very heavy objects - the park was not made to be portable!  Long lost Euclid Beach Rocket Ship ride car found by LEAR Promotions Inc. in an eastside warehouse.  May 2005Getting back to the Rocket Ship story....Mike told me that while on a sales call, he spotted what seemed to be a large shiny rocket sitting in a remote corner of a warehouse in a nearby industrial park on the eastside of Cleveland.  About 18 months went by before I had time to research this lead.  I was out making a sales call in the area he described when I happened into the same warehouse he had told me about.  While speaking with the shipping and receiving manager, we got onto the subject of Euclid Beach Park.  He said he thought one of the old rockets was stored in the warehouse that we were in.  He pointed to a far remote corner, and you could barely see the top part of the stainless steel nose of what turned out to be the long lost Rocket Ship from Euclid Beach Park.North Coast Towing transporting LEAR Promotions Inc. Rocket Ship ride car to their secured storage facility.  May 2005.

Needless to say, it didn't take me long to find the owner of the Rocket Ship and make arrangements to purchase it for our collection.  I was informed by the previous owner, the Rocket Ship, the very next day, was going to be consigned over to an auction house in Chicago, and if we were not able to make a deal happen in a 24 hour time period, the Rocket Ship would be sold to the highest bidder.  He stated the auction house had buyers from California, Las Vegas, and New Jersey interested in purchasing it.  We knew if we didn't step up to the plate in a hurry the Rocket Ship from our park could be gone forever.  I am happy to say, we did make the deal and added this tremendous piece of park history to our collection.  We loaded it up and transported it to one of our secured storage areas until we decided exactly what we were going to do with it now that we had it!  After using the Rocket Ship for static displEuclid Beach Parks premier roller coaster car built and motorized by LEAR Promotions Inc.  ays, and since we had already motorized the Thriller Car  from the park four years prior, we decided, in April of 2006, to motorize the last Rocket Ship.  We are glad we are able to bring the enjoyment back for people to once again, ride in the stainless steel Rocket Ship  from Euclid Beach Park.

We are currently working on some very exciting things for the coming year. Watch our two web sites for futureEuclid Beach Rocket Ship Car under construction at LEAR Promotions Inc. announcements!  The only hint I can give at this time is that there will be another car built by fall of 2011, and it will be more spectacular than the two we are currently operating!  (if that's possible!) Stay tuned!


More big news coming soon!!!

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